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Bad Memories - Douglas Sandlers

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Format: E-book, 236 pages

They didn't believe John Miller at the asylum that he didn't do it, and they sure as hell didn't believe him when more bodies showed up. Get the book to see if John Miller lives or dies and does he get his life and career back?


"I received digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review"

It was a long time ago when I received an e-mail with a book and herby I apologize for taking me so long to read it and review it.
Bad Memories starts a bit slow with a peculiar vibe. John Miller is a doctor who worked at the asylum and is married to a terrible woman. I was sure she is one of the bodies that are mentioned in the prologue. Is it or is not you’ll find out if you read this book. No spoilers.
John “runs” for a fishing trip with his old friend Albert but before he can relax a bit he founds Albert dead. Strange people are showing and apparently they are all connected to each other. Talking about mystery. Slowly things become clearer and you cannot put down the book and of course there is a twist and the killer is someone else and not your pick. There was a time when I asked myself is John Miller crazy, is this all just part of his imagination? That tells you how good this book is.
I really like reading a good mystery and Douglas Sandler did something I could not believe it will be possible. I can compare him with queen Agatha Christie. He gives you the same feeling and leaves you wanting for more just like Christie did with her books.
This is clearly a 5 star book but, (of course there is a but) I need to complain about the editor. Mistype is not an author’s fault, or order of the words. That is something lector and editor should o before publishing.
If you like mystery and thriller you will definitely love this book. I’m so happy I had an opportunity to read this book and once again I apologize to Douglas for taking me this long.



About the author:

Douglas Sandler born April 13, 1967 in Brooklyn, NY I lived there till 1973 when I moved to Woodbridge, Illinois where I lived 1973-1975 then East Northport, NY 1975-1979. I then moved to Lilburn, Ga. in 1979 where I lived till 1995 when I moved to Metairie, LA till 2000 when I finally moved to Panama City, Florida. I have an A.A History from Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, FL May 2010 and an A.A.S. Paralegal/Legal Assistant from Gulf Coast State College May 2012 and I am currently enrolled at Florida State Univ. Panama City, FL. I suffers from Adult ADHD, inner personal/occupational disorder, scziotypal disorder. I am also a mental health/disability activist.

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