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Diamond Bonds - Jeff Kish

A kidnapped girl. Nations in conflict. Legends of an ancient kingdom. And one amateur thief finds himself at the center of it all.
Era cares only of surpassing his father's infamy as a master thief - until he stumbles onto a kidnapped girl and promises to return her home. Dreaming of a quick and easy reward, Era and his thieving partner Jem set off to return the girl to her wealthy father. However, when bounty hunters and elemental mercenaries attack to recapture the girl, her claims of ignorance begin to ring hollow. When the girl's own elemental talents are revealed, Era begins to question what else she may be hiding.
As Era fights off foe after foe with his untrained earth shaping skills, the temptation to simply collect the reward on her head sparks an inner conflict between his moral foundation and the future he has always wanted.
In this first book of the Runics series, Jeff Kish delivers fun characters, escalating stakes, and even a hint of romance as this exhilarating novel introduces readers to the unique and marvelous continent of Castuni.

 Rating:     , 5

"I received digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review"

When I receive an e-mail from Jeff about YA fantasy novel I was so happy because YA and fantasy just screams my name. And the cover, have you seen the cover. I'm a sucker for good covers I admit. But now comes my reason for giving 3,5 and not more. Don't get me wrong I loved the book and I loved that the main character is a guy. After reading so many perfect female protagonist this was a refresh. But still there is a problem with Era (the main character). True he is learning from his companion Jem who is resembling all strong female characters and hopefully later in series it will be shown more. Somehow I can relate Era with Harry Potter. He is a hero but not really the brightest one. Again don't get me wrong Harry Potter is my childhood but still he wouldn't be successful without his friends and there is similar story with Era.
One minus for this book are the dialogs. I liked the description and story but dialogs are a bit plain and in disbalance with the story. Also this story needs a richer vocabulary. I know this is a YA but still to many repetition of same phrases.

All in all this was a nice summer YA fantasy read and I'm looking forward reading sequels. Hopefully Jeff will contact me again. I don't want this to be a bad rating I want to be a motivation for sequels. Rome wasn't build in a day and no one has written a masterpiece from the start.

Happy reading



About the author:

Jeff has been a storyteller all his life, dating back to the fourth grade when he wrote two choose-your-own adventure books. He regularly consumes fantasy stories in their many forms, with a particular love for anime and video games.
Outside of writing, Jeff tries his best as a Christ-follower, husband, and father. When not crafting a new chapter, Jeff is usually studying for a Cisco exam, enjoying Notre Dame Football, or competing in Super Smash Bros. tournaments. 

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