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Mortal Showdown - Nik Krasno

Mortal Showdown is an action packed thriller sending the reader on a kaleidoscopic race through violence, sex, scamming and anti-scamming, political upheaval and murder.
Michael (Misha) – a Ukrainian oligarch who was rapidly climbing the Forbes rich list, wakes from a coma caused by an assassination attempt and realizes that he's in the thick of a multilayered attack on him and his business empire. Making things even worse - among his numerous adversaries is one of Russia’s most influential strongmen. From rich and powerful, Michael very quickly becomes a fugitive, struggling for survival. Counting on his wits and a handful of loyal associates, he searches for a way to even the score with each of his adversaries and to save his country from the Russian bear’s grasp.
In order to have the slightest chance in a face-off with his prime nemesis, Michael needs to attack head on, undertaking the greatest risk of his entire life. Unfortunately, the dangerous mission goes wrong from the very beginning...

"I received digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review"

I've read this book a couple of months ago but haven't written a review till now. Before this book I've read Nesbo's Bat and told to myself that I need to read something lighter after that book. So logically I picked this book up. Especially when you're living in Croatia you can relate to story about politics, corruption and greed.
Mortal Showdown follows a story about Mikhail Leonidovich Vorotavich Ukrainian politician and businessman. Although I haven't read a previous story I didn't have any problems with this so called sequel. This was a intriguing fast paced read which is something you expect from an action filled thriller. I liked the writing style although sometimes was a bit monotonous. Due to the history of my country I know quit a lot about old Soviet Union but I think this book could be a bit problematic for western readers. Characters are portrayed very well. Villains are villains and you'll love to hate them but the main character Misha is still a mystery for me. There was a time in the book when I was cheering for him and other (mostly) parts I was yelling at him that he is an idiot, that he has a great wife and family and he cheats on her. All in all Misha is a typical mafia billionaire that although he misses his family and love them money and power is his greatest love.

I loved this book, I loved the fast pace but still something is missing. Something is bugging me and I cannot give 5 stars but only 4.

Happy reading



About the author:

Nik Krasno is one of those writers who never thought he would end up authoring a book. He just knew that he had a story that apparently waited for the right moment to break out.
For many years Nik had been involved in law and business in few Eastern European countries, spending most of his time in Ukraine.
Witnessing the meteoric rise of a small number of individuals from modest citizens to mighty billionaires, Nik felt compelled to expose to the world the unique phenomenon taking place in this less familiar part of the globe. In the fictional plot of his Oligarch series he combines real and imaginary events with some 'lawyers' folklore' and known corruption and criminal schemes customary for Ukraine and other former USSR republics. The author also shares some insight into the glorious and simultaneously tragic events of 2013 uprising in Ukraine resulting in ousting of the president, ensuing Russian aggression in Crimea and tensions and war in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. The imaginary characters are designed to reflect real behavior and mentality and provide decent entertainment for the readers.
Remember movies based on Bill Gates' and Mark Zuckerberg's biographies describing their path to wealth and glory? Although they were truly amazing, Nik thinks the rise of their Eastern billionaire peers is just a little more thrilling and unorthodox.
The global arena becomes too small to share peacefully for global corporations and ambitious tycoons. What happens when they start fighting for supremacy? Nik offers his variant in his latest book "BE FIRST OR BE DEAD"....

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