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Protecting You (McCord Family #1) - Amanda Siegrist

Ava Rainer is on the top of her game. Good life, good job, great friends—especially Detective Jimmy McCord. Not everyone appreciates their friendship, particularly Jimmy's brother Zane. He thinks she's there to tear his family apart, insisting Jimmy's meant to be home in Minnesota, not in New York. She met him once with no desire to meet again. She would do anything for Jimmy. She sadly found out he would do anything for her.

Tragedy strikes, leaving Ava under the depths of despair, struggling to climb her way out. Wishing that Jimmy were there to help her out of her turmoil, she finds herself face-to-face again with Zane in Minnesota. His anger towards her is worse than the last time. She doesn't blame him since he has every right to hate her.

But as the days go by, surprisingly, his attitude starts to change towards her. She discovers the only comfort to her pain comes from him, creating a connection so deep it frightens her. The way her body yearns for his is so wrong, yet feels so right. She can't seem to resist him as her heart begins to heal. Only problem is, he'll never step foot in New York. That's her home. If only she can forgive herself and create a new home, specifically with Zane, if he'll have her.


"I received digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review"

I'll start with what I really loved about this book. First of all I loved Ava, strong New Yorker girl who breaks after losing her best friend. Another thing I love about her is her job and degree. I worked a little in forensics science department and I have some doubts with Ava's position but on the other hand I don't really know regulations and customs in USA. But back on Ava’s character. The author's portrait of Ava's loss and depression felt so real. Everything she does is something what a person after such a tragedy would do. After the event Jimmy's brother Austin brings her in his and Zane's home. His idea was that three of them will help each other to collect broken pieces of their heart after losing very important person in their life. Through series of flashbacks we learn the history of three brothers (Zane, Austin and Jimmy) and their relationship. But, I didn't see the point in so many flashbacks through the book. That flashback option functions good in movies but not in the books, at least not for me. 

I didn't like Zane. He was angry with Jimmy for choosing police career in New York over their family farm and hated Ava because she was allegedly keeping Jimmy away from home. And then he is the one who ends saving her. No, just no, and the end and that last saving?! No, just not my cup of tea. He is mad on the whole world and no one is good enough. Farm is his life and both his brothers should live life like he does. After their parents died he took control of the farm but he couldn’t take the control of his brothers’ lives. It doesn’t matter that in end he found love he will never forgive himself for not answering Jimmy’s phone call. I said in one of my reviews that contemporary romance is not my first choice for reading and because of that I'm really picky and demanding. I'm really into true love, Disney princess romance, sugar spice and fluff and this was a sweet romance. I knew from the start that Ava will connection with Zane but I still ship her with Austin. Yes he’s a bit of loverboy but I like personality more. Yes, Ava sees him as her brother, just like Jimmy but I can’t help myself and ship those two together. I also really liked the pacing of the book. The author really nailed my taste in pacing. Not to slow to die of boredom and not too fast to loose myself especially since English is my second language.   

To conclude this review I have to say that this will be a great book for real romance lovers and I think that we can expect great romance books from this author. This is just a beginning and I'm looking forward reading her next pieces. Do I recommend this book? Yes, I do but I can't give her 5 stars because it didn't knock my socks off like some other books.



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